“My excuse for not exercising was a poor one. Working full time and being a mum to our 3 children… ‘I can’t find time’, that was 3 years ago. Finding Rachel was a big plus for me, I now train twice a week and look forward to each session, the big smile encouragement and motivation that she gives is fantastic, she has helped me achieve a fitter me and a bonus I have lost weight”

Debbie 48


“When I contacted Rachel I knew that I wanted to improve my fitness but I did not know how to go about it. A personal training programme was developed around my specific goals and needs. It’s hard work but as I keep achieving my goals, it’s worth every bit of effort. I’ve gone from disliking exercise to actually looking forward to every one of our sessions. I’d have been lost without them”

Sarah 35


“The fitness sessions are hard work but enjoyable and that is the key, if the workouts were not varied I think I would of lost interest by now. The hour seems to fly by even though we are constantly exercising-there is no clock watching. Rachel also looked at my diet and gave me useful nutritional advice along with a couple of books which helped with choosing what meals I planned to eat over the weeks”

Andy 47


“Rachel was brilliant, our girls and staff thoroughly enjoyed her class!!!!!!
Thank you!!”

Emma, Priorsfield School