Personal Training Prices

During the Initial Consultation you will be given the chance to ask any questions to get to know Rachel. The first paid session will be a physical assessment and obtaining of Vital Statistics including BMI (Body Mass Index) so we can track your progress. Future sessions will be at a suitable location of your choice, following a fitness plan created by Rachel with a monthly check on progress.

Initial consultation is freeFREE
Sessions – 1£40
Sessions – 3£110 (save £10)
Sessions – 5£180 (save £20)
Sessions – 10£360 (save £40)

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Nutrition Prices

Basic Assessment: You will provide Rachel with a 3-day Food Diary. Rachel will then analyse the food diary and provide you with recommendations so that you can achieve your goal. Your BMR and Calorie Requirements will be calculated and discussed with you. Advanced Assessment: You will provide a 7-day Food Diary. Rachel will analyse the food diary, make adjustments, calculate your BMR and Calorie Requirements based on your present activity level. You will be given back an advanced report containing quantities of protein, carbs and fats you are currently eating, what foods you are recommended to eat, how often and what times of the day along with an exercise plan to help you achieve your goal.

Basic Assessment£30
Advanced Assessment£350

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Herbalife Prices

Basic Assessment: You will complete a Wellness Evaluation Form.

Basic AssessmentFREE
Advanced Assessment£350