Personal Training

thumbs_up_image_smallIf you are really serious about achieving your goals and getting results, you need to push your body past its comfort zone.

Pushing yourself shocks your body into Rapid Change, giving you results quicker, however, not everyone is capable of pushing their body to this point.

Some people see good results in the first few weeks of a training routine. This is simply because its a shock to your body and your body slowly adjusts – slowing the progress. This is called a plateau – where you begin to see less and less change to the point where you think there is no point continuing.

standing_one_legA Personal Trainer is not just someone who stands next to you during your workout, shouting at you to push harder. A Personal Trainer will give you encouragement during your workout, helping you push harder and keep you constantly motivated throughout your session and course.
Your Personal Trainer will stop you from feeling de-motivated and continue to shock your body by changing the routine and exercises on a regular basis, and by constantly increasing the intensity at a comfortable rate.

At some point or another, everyone will reach that point where they will either give up, continue unhappily or seek help from a Personal Trainer like Rachel.