girl_runningHow are boot camps different from regular workouts?

Ever feel like it’s getting harder to motivate yourself to go to the gym? Or maybe you just want to take your workouts to another level? Whatever your motivation is, if you’re looking for something different and challenging boot camps are your solution for the boring workout routine.

What exactly are boot camp workouts?

Boot camp classes can be taught both indoors and outdoors. The workouts are performed in groups, without a lot of equipment, and are aimed at building strength and endurance. Although there are different types of boot camp programs, they are usually a type of interval or circuit training (meaning many different exercises with little rest in between).

What should I expect during a boot camp workout?

When you first start doing boot camp workouts, it’s likely you’ll go through some sort of fitness test to get a baseline for your ability, so you can gauge your overall fitness level and measure your improvement.
Boot camps are usually group classes. Your group will probably start with a warm up, followed by stretching. After that, a combination of plyometric exercises, calisthenics, and drills are performed in high intensity circuits or intervals. A session usually ends with a cool-down and stretching.

Why would I try boot camps over regular workouts?

The first advantage of boot camp workouts that you’re working out in a group. You’re more likely to push yourself harder during a workout with the help of other people who are working out with you (not to mention encouragement from an instructor). Next, the diversity of exercises and new challenges keeps workouts interesting and doesn’t give your body a chance to get comfortable, or your mind a chance to get bored. Boot camps keep things interesting – which will do wonders for your motivation.